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Stump Grinding Vs. Stump Removal

Once you cut down a tree on your property, you are inevitably left with the stump. This can be unsightly, as well as a hazard when mowing or when children are playing. Also, tree stumps can become breeding grounds for pests and molds. However, do you want to grind the stump or remove it? What is the difference?
Stump grinding is the process of cutting a tree down to just below ground level. The grinder is a machine, varying in size from a lawn mower to a large vehicle, with a rotating blade. The blade chips the tree stump into small pieces which can then be used as mulch or ground cover. Once the stump is ground down to a few inches below the surrounding earth, dirt is put over the stump. Eventually, the stump and roots will decay.
Stump removal is when the entire stump and root ball is removed. This can be a much more difficult procedure than it may seem. The first problem is the size of the root system. When planting a tree, the size of the root ball should be four to ten times the diameter of the tree trunk, depending on the type of tree. After planting, the tree grows, and the root system expands. If you are trying to remove a tree stump, you will need to as much of the root system as possible. Not only is this difficult and time consuming, it will leave you with a large hole in your yard.
When dealing with a tree stump, discuss your options with your AllRed Tree Service Inc. Certified Arborist Spencer Moon, He will be able to evaluate your stump and your property and advisee you about the best course of action. In most instances, stump grinding is the way to go. It levels your yard and removes the hazard, without destroying your property and creating new dangers.



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